Zero-Turn vs. Lawn Tractor: Other Factors to Consider

A zero-turn mower has been tried and tested by many. Most of them have fallen in love with their new mower and they don’t plan on going back to their traditional lawn tractor any time soon. While we have established the fact that a zero turn mower is efficient and easy to use, there are other factors to consider as well.

Exmark Pioneer E-Series zero-turn riding mowerBefore looking at these other factors, it is important to look at the basic difference between the two machines first. This will give you a clear idea of why zero-turn mower is generally preferred over a lawn tractor.

Basically, a zero-turn mower can spin 180 degrees. This means that whenever you take a turn you are able to move your mower at an angle of 180 degrees.

A lawn tractor has a wider turning angle and you cannot just take 180 degrees turn.

This is where the two machines differ. You don’t have to reverse or mow over one area again and again. You get a consistent cut with a zero-turn mower.

Now that you know the basic difference, let’s go back to looking at the other factors.

  • User Friendly

A zero turn mower is known for its user friendliness. Starting from an entry-level to commercial level there is a zero-turn mower for everyone.

Entry-level mowers are affordable but less powerful. Mid-grade, Semi Pro and Commercial Mowers are all heavy duty ones with speeds greater than that of lawn tractors.

If you are a novice who does gardening and lawn mowing on weekends then an entry-level zero-turn mower is perfect for you.

You also have the option of adjusting the speed of your machine. Low speed is useful when you are mowing around obstacles.

Such a mower can make your life much easier. It is easy to maneuver and a lot of area can be covered in much less time.

Either you are mowing in a tight place or working on a variety of landscapes, zero-turn can be easily handled in every situation.

  • Better Cut

Exmark UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting deckIf you are a landscape professional or someone who has a taste for a nicely cut lawn, then you should definitely go for a zero-turn mower.

These mowers are designed to give better quality of cut as compared to their counterparts. The game of these mowers is way ahead of those traditional lawn tractors.

When increased speed and better maneuverability is paired with exclusive blade designs, a high quality cut is achieved.

Once mowed, the grass looks beautiful and has a sharp finish to it.

  • Enhanced Productivity

When compared with lawn tractors, zero-turn mowers enhance your productivity. In layman terms this means that you are able to do more in less time.

A zero-turn mower covers greater area at a faster speed and reaches those notorious corners which others are hard to reach.

You don’t need any follow up trimming that is usually required in case of a lawn tractor as all the grass is mowed in one go.

The combination of all these features enables you to complete your tasks in a better and more efficient manner. For someone who has a landscaping deadline to meet, these zero-turn mowers are a life saver.

  • Durability

Designed using latest technology and stronger materials, a zero-turn mower is generally more long lasting as compared to a lawn tractor.

Durability of these mowers is linked with the kind of landscape you are working on. But they are typically known to stay useful for up to 15 years.

As your engine isn’t used for longer periods of time, it remains as good as new and wears much less in comparison with the engine of a lawn tractor.

Also, with lawn tractors there is a lot of going over the same area again and again. This generally reduces the life of a machine.

  • Versatility

With an option of adding a variety of attachments to your zero-turn mower, it becomes a versatile piece of machinery.

You can choose different bagging systems, mulching kits, hitches and front attachments for your mower. During winters you can attach snow blades for and use your mower to remove snow.

You can also attach sprayer or seed spreaders and use your zero-turn mower for farming purposes.

  • Comfort

The comfort level of a zero-turn mower is higher than that of a lawn tractor.

This can be explained using the fact that with a zero-turn mower you don’t have to go through the stress of turning your machine in an awkward manner or going over one portion again and again.

In case of a lawn tractor, the process of reversing and taking turns is very strenuous. Reaching closed corners and cutting near obstacles is very difficult too.

Your ride is generally enjoyable as well. A lot of users say that steering is fun and something that is easily done.

Some users find it difficult to steer initially but once they get the hang of it, they are able to complete their tasks in just a few minutes.

A zero-turn mower also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and gives a stable performance. This is a peace of mind of zero mower users.

Keeping in mind all these other factors, it can be safely concluded that a zero-turn mowers outperforms a lawn tractor by a great margin.

If you are someone who is looking for convenience and is willing to spend the extra bucks on a new lawn mower, then you should definitely make this investment.

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