Black & Decker LM175 Corded Electric Mower

Black & Decker LM175 Corded Electric Mower

I’ve always had a love and hate relationship with corded electric mowers. My first model I can’t even remember but it was one of the first ones popular in the 1990′s and my Father made me use it every other day on our small California lawn. We had maybe 50 sq. ft of lawn so it wasn’t a big task but there were a lot of annoying obstacles. Ants would crawl all over me and there was a bird of paradise in the corner that was immortal and no matter what you did it would always poke up just enough to screw the mower up or make it jump.

My electric mower was given to me after my Step-Mother had already mowed the cord about 10 times so every few feet was a huge ball of duct tape. I hated it.

Over time, with my own lawns I grew to love these little mowers, the corded models not so much but they are usually pretty cheap and use a cord that’ll plug into any US outlets just fine. Let’s check out the Black and Decker LM175, an 18-incher that you can usually find pretty cheap on Craigslist or Amazon.

Black & Decker LM 175 Corded Mower

This is your basic, barebones model from B&D and it’s really a good little unit for smaller lawn areas. If you live in a large city and have a very limited lawn to maintain, this one is probably a good buy. It’s small, it doesn’t stink, it can fold up and be stuck in a closet or storage area and the blade seems to last quite a while (unless you mow a bird of paradise stem every 2 days).

I’d use this on a relatively smooth, tree/shrub free lawn though you can navigate trees easily with a little patience.

Black & Decker LM 175 Corded Mower Features:

  • Weighs just 47 Pounds (kids can push it)
  •  6.5 Amp Motor
  • 18 Inch Blade
  • 100 Foot Range (standard cord)
  • 1-3.5 Inch Height Adjustment Lever
  • 2 Year Warranty

User Testimonials

ATLFlyBoi – Walmart Shopper

“I’ve had this mower for the past 4 mos, and love it. I live in a small townhouse, the mower makes quick work of the lawn! I can mow, and trim the hedges in 20min. I’m surprised at how light it is, and yet still powerful enough to handle all cutting chores. It’s so good at its job, my friend is now borrowing it on a regular basis. He’s gotta get his own!!
If it was only cordless, it would be PERFECT”

Anonymous – Home Depot Shopper

“This is an excellent machine for seniors who may need a light-weight lawn mower to keep small lawns in shape. It is easy to use, does a good job and is easily stored. Since it is electric, there is no need to worry about storing gas and there are no fumes. I have a brand new one but I have had this same product over the last 20 years and always thought it the very best.”

 The Good

  • Light Weight
  • Long Cord
  • Wide Cutting Area
  • Comes With Bag Attachment
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Often On Sale

The Bad

  • Lacks Power
  • Might Need Extension Cord

The Bottom Line

Overall this is a great starting electric mower from Black and Decker for someone just making the switch or for people looking for a quiet, lightweight mower to use on a regular basis. Without the gas/oil mess and noise, you can use it at any time of day and it’s so light it’s a great model for kids, seniors and even people with limited mobility or disabilities. I can literally swing it around easier than my 1st grade child and they can even push it around pretty easily.

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